Research opportunities

Various exisiting projects are available from the Franklin lab, see below for exisiting research. We are also open to new research ideas relating to our three core research themes. For such opportunities, contact us to discuss potential projects.

Conservation Physiology

  • Interactive effects of UV-B and other environmental factors on disease susceptibility in amphibians
  • Coping with climate change: Can diet be used to change the thermal phenotype of 
    aquaculture species?
  • Assessing the efficacy of fish pass structures for promoting fish passage in the Northern Murray darling basin
  • Comparative physiological performance of captive insurance populations versus wild fish: implications for conservation management programs


  • Various projects relating to the the movement ecology of marine and freshwater fauna including estuarine crocodiles, saw-tooth sharks, sting rays, large riverine fish etc.

Interest in pursuing an honours project on one of these topics should refer to the Contacts section.

For more information about the UQ honours program, please refer to the School of Biological Sciences site.

Scholarships and prizes


  • Frog husbandry and maintenance

Conservation Physiology

  • Fish hisbandry and maintenance
  • Swimming performance and thermal tolerance in fish


  • Whale shark identification

Interest in volunteering for the Franklin ECO-lab on one of these topics should refer to the Contacts section.