Coen is a trawlwoolway pakana man with ancestral connection to lutruwita/Tasmania. Coen obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at UQ, majoring in zoology and ecology. Coen's honours explored the physiological basis of extreme acid tolerance in the larvae of 'acid frogs' from the wallum heath on Djindubari country. Currently, Coen is undertaking his PhD investigating the effects of temperature and ultraviolet radiation on the health of amphibian larvae across the eastern seaboard. He is doing this through a molecular and ecological lens, in relation to anthropogenic climate change. Broadly, Coen is interested in how mechanistic understandings of organismal biology can help to explain species ecology and inform conservation issues. Coen is also increasingly interested in the Indigenisation of curriculum and encouraging the respect and acknowledgement of Indigenous knowledges and culture within the scientific community.

Research interests

  • Ecophysiology and conservation
  • Impacts of anthropogenic climate change
  • Thermal ecology
  • Physiological plasticity and evolution
  • Indigenous knowledges and knowledge systems

Awards & achievements

  • Ric Nattrass Research Grant, 2020
  • Faculty of Science Awards (Partnership and Collaboration) group nomination, 2020
  • UQ Graduate School PhD Scholarship, 2019
  • Honours Class 1 in Zoology, The University of Queensland, 2019
  • Bachelor of Science with majors in Zoology and Ecology, The University of Queensland, 2018
  • Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence, The University of Queensland, 2018

Society affiliations

  • The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)
  • The Queensland Frog Society (QFS)
  • The UQ Herpetelogical Society (UQHerp)


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  • Hird, C., Cramp, R., Franklin, C. (2020) Effects of temperature and UVB radiation on amphibian larvae. Queensland Frog Society Annual Meeting. Brisbane, Australia