A wonder for the natural world steered me through a Bachelor of Science degree at UQ, majoring in zoology and ecology. Throughout those years I developed a deep fondness for herpetofauna. The Franklin Eco-lab has given me the opportunity to explore my interests further, under the supervision of Prof Craig Franklin and Dr Rebecca Cramp within my honours year.

Research interest

I have a strong interest in understanding the physiological mechanisms which allow life to persist in extreme environments. I am also interested in how these mechanistic understandings of organismal biology can help to inform conservation issues. During my honours year, I am exploring how environmental calcium is involved in one of the most acid tolerant vertebrates known to science - the scarlet-sided pobblebonk. By studying physiological and molecular processes contributing to acid tolerance, I aim to contribute not just to our understanding of this impressive wallum frog, but also to our broader understanding of acid tolerance in freshwater environments.